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Fine Art Printing

Photographic Prints, Giclées on archival quality papers and canvas.

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High Volume Printing

Postcards, Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Promo Materials & More.

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We also offer design services for print and web. We can create virtually anything from a simple logo to a complex website, brochures, labels, posters, book print/publication and more. You can be assured that all print ready files will be exactly that and that any web updates will be made accurately and promptly.

Design for Print

Brochures, Flyers, Banners, CD Covers and so much more.


Identity Design

You probably need a logo, right?


Design for Web

You almost certainly need a website, or at least a sprucing up of the one you have. We can help.

Illustrations, Portraits, 3D Rendering, Photography & Video editing are also part of the package at SpicerDigital. Purchase existing images for your home or office wall.Commission a unique portrait.Or request an entirely new image for your project, be it personal or commercial.Take advantage of my Photoshop skills to enhance or restore your favorite personal photographs.
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