Who is Spicer Digital?

My name is Jeff Spicer. My business, SpicerDigital provides printing, design & photo illustration services. Peruse these pages to see how I can help you and/or your business make a greater impact in the visual world.

I have been working with digital reproduction since 1986 when I began my career in the pre-press arts. From digital halftone film plotters to the first Iris printers to today’s inkjet technology, I continue to stay abreast of the trends and techniques used to reproduce art as faithfully and creatively as technology allows.

I use  Epson wide format inkjet plotters for all of the fine art archival printing. These machines print on virtually any kind of paper or canvas and can print as wide as 44” and as long as 44 feet!

In addition to fine art printing, I have relationships with commercial offset printers that allow for great pricing on business cards, letterheads, postcards, posters, banners and an almost endless parade of promotional items like totebags, pens and mousepads.

Logos, brochures, postcards, identity, websites and more. I can design it for you, expand on your design ideas or just get your files press ready. If you need photography, I can either shoot here at the studio, or get you exactly what you are are looking for through a number of stock agencies.

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