Fine Art Printing

Digital fine art reproductions, giclées, inkjet prints... whatever you call them, we print them.

I began creating digital prints back in the mid 90's on an Iris printer. Now I use Epson wide format printers exclusively with archival pigment inks and a variety of archival quality printing substrates. I will work with you and your digital file to ensure that we create the finest print possible. Finishing services include canvas stretching, gallery wraps, varnishing and more.

The Epson P9000 has a maximum width of 44". The length can go to eight feet or more. The printer uses an 11 color ink system including orange and green inks to deliver color matches not possible with standard 4 color printing.


We stock several varieties of paper and canvas to achieve the look you want. All are archival grade and our inks are rated to last well into your next life.

You may wish to add a varnish to your print for a glossy look and an added layer of protection. Other finishing options include stretcher bars (for canvas), gallery wraps as well as hanging hardware. And if you need your prints shipped, we can do that for you as well.

Pricing Examples

Print Size
Print Cost*
1-4 / 5 or more
Print w/Varnish
4" x 6"
$3.00 / $2.16
8" x 10"
$2.52 / $1.68
16" x 20"
20" x 24"
$10.00 / $7.20
$8.40 / $5.60
32" x 44"
$33.60 / $22.40
$40.00 / $28.80
$55.44 / $33.60
$147.84 / $98.56
$60.00 / $43.20
$176.00 / $126.72
* Paper and canvas are charged the same per sq. in, but please add 4" in each direction to the total dimensions if the canvas will be stretched or 6" if being "Gallery Wrapped".
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